lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

Well last year this blog was a english home work but now I try to upload new information about anime and photo about anime conventions.

When i have more time upload Ichibam II an festivam 6.8 picture (there are a conventions here in maracaibo 2008)

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

What did you do on your last vacation?

On my last vacation I went to Falcon. I stayed in Brisas de Paraguana hotel for 4 day. I visited Los medanos de Coro and I visited a lot of beaches. I went to Cabo San Roman.

In the hotel at night played live music group and my family and I danced a little.

We went to shopping too. We bought whisky, bed sheet, a radio and a video cam. We returned on Sunday night.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2007

My Family

This is my grandmother Isabel and my grandfather Arcenio. They have 4 sons his names are Arcenio, Arbel, Argenis and my father Arbenis, and 4 daughters her names are Arbelia, Arlenis, Amalia and Aliana. They are my uncles and aunts.

This is my mother’s mother, her name is Nubis her husband is dead. My grandmother has one son his name is Jovanny and one daughter her name is Belkys and she is my mom.

My father got married with my mom in 1986. They have one son his name is Daniel and he is my brother. He is 14 years old and he is in high school and one daughter, me, my name is Karem and I study industrial engineering.

My favorite group

Evanescence were born in 1998 in Arkansas. Their founding band members are Amy Lee and Ben Moody (ex-guitarist). They are an American alternative rock band. They have two albums “Fallen” and “The open door”

I like these songs:

* Bring me to live

* My immortal

* Lithium

* Call me when you’re sober

* Hello

*+*Talk about my partner Carlos*+*

Carlos is an industrial engineering student. He likes Ruben Studdart and his favorite band is Maroon 5. His favorite song is “I need an angel”. He likes to watch T.V. He watches “Noticias Globovision” and he doesn’t like soap operas. His favorite channel is Fox and he loves to watch “Friends”. He likes to go out with friends and he loves see movies, his favorite actor is Robin Williams and his favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston. He prefers Steven Spielberg films. In the “Copa America”, he prefers La Vinotinto team. His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite soccer player is “Puyol”.

Talking about food, he prefers Arabian food, he loves the Shawarmas. He eats in Mister Shawarmas restaurant. He said it is the best restaurant in Maracaibo. He likes vegetables but he prefers the onions, he doesn’t like fruit. His favorite dessert is “Lemon Pie”. He likes the English class and the teacher Doris is his favorite teacher. He likes video games. He plays Fable and poker is his favorite table game.

how much is it? (Dialogue)

Sales person: May I help you?

Boyfriend: Sure. I need a present for my girlfriend.

Sales person: What kind of present do you need?

Boyfriend: I need a bracelet.

Sales person: Do you want a gold or silver bracelet?

Boyfriend: Just a minute. Baby what do you prefer gold or silver bracelet?

Girlfriend: I don’t know. The gold bracelet is more expensive than the silver one.

Boyfriend: No problem. It’s a gift for you.

Girlfriend: Thanks. I prefer the gold bracelet.

Boyfriend: How much is the gold one?

Sales Person: It’s 250 $

Boyfriend: Ok. Where must I pay?

Sales person: In the checkout counter.

Boyfriend: Ok. Thanks.

Cashier: Hello. Can I help you?

Boyfriend: yes, I go to pay a gold bracelet.

Cashier: Ok. This is your bracelet.

Girlfriend: No, my bracelet has pearls.

Cashier: Oh!! Sorry miss. Your bracelet is here.

Boyfriend: No problem. How much is it?

Cashier: It’s 250 $. Do you want to pay with your credit card?

Boyfriend: Yes, I want.